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Recommendation: Sunbury Community Interfaith Dialogue

For our first ever Bi-weekly rec, I would like to give a recommendation. Rather unexpectedly while scrolling through my news feed I saw a photo that looked much like the cover image for this blog post: though to avoid confusion I edited out the date and time information that has already passed.

Susquehanna University held a Community Interfaith Dialogue which focused on four faith leaders working together in Sunbury to create a group called Sunbury Together. Those members are listed below:

Ann Keeler Evans - the pastor at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Susquehanna Valley since 2011

Nina Mandel - the rabbi of the Beth-El Synagogue who has served for 18 years and is a frequent adjunct professor at Susquehanna University

Richard Fangmann - the pastor at the Zion Lutheran Church of Sunbury where he has served for 23years

Sonia Ammar - the Vice President of the Sunbury Islamic Center, member of the Cultural and Religious Alliance in Bloomsburg, and adjunct professor at Bloomsburg University since 2004

These zoom panelists' conversation is moderated by Susquehanna University Chaplain, Scott Kershner.

Throughout their conversation, linked below, they discuss what Sunbury Together is as an organization, how it started, what they do, and what it has meant to them to start and continue to be a part of such an organization.

I'm recommending this dialogue as a great example of the heartfelt connections and success that can be achieved through interfaith work. The work these individuals have been able to accomplish by working together and sharing their faith values with one another is incredible. Their work together on things such as The Takery and the warming shelter in pastor Fangmann's church are great examples of work we can all strive to do in our own communities.

Just as importantly, the care they feel for one another felt amongst these people as colleagues and friends is palpable. There are multiple moments where members of the zoom panel discuss how their work with one another has made their lives better, and in some cases safer.

There is no better first recommendation I believe I can make than this one for firstcomers to interfaith dialogue to understand what there is ahead of them in their journey and how valuable their work can be in so many ways. I encourage all to watch and prepare to have their hearts warmed and given hope in these often hopeless times.

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