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What is The Ethicist?

The Ethicist is a start-up publication dedicated to publishing written work that puts a focus on faith or non-faith traditions in some shape, way, or form. Our goal is to bring stories, essays, opinion pieces, and other media to our readers that may better connect them to the diversity of religious and non-religious ideas of our world and the multitude of ways those ideas are interpreted by others. 

Whether it be an essay on travelling to Mecca, an atheist sitting in on a church sermon, an opinion on policy that may soon affect people of a certain faith, or a science fiction piece that reflects on the usage of religion in our modern society through a fully made-up faith in the piece; we are here to give that writing a home and hopefully give it readers as well. 

Some of the most violent aspects of human history came about because of disagreements surrounding faith-based beliefs. By bringing open-hearted, vulnerable writing to our readers, we hope to be one more tiny ripple in the wave of momentum towards a more peaceful world. 

The Ethicist is able to exist thanks to a grant given by the Interfaith Youth Core. Please look into the many great things they are doing at

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